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I WIll Give You the Exact Blueprint I USED to Build a Powerhouse  AGENCY

Live Challenge MAY 23rd, 2022 @ 10:30AM EST



in just 5 days!


Join Us For A LIVE 5-Day Challenge Where We’ll Tackle Everything From Picking Your Niche, Designing Your Services, And Building A Powerhouse Of An Agency.

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Are you ready to START and SCALE your agency? 

Have you been dreaming of quitting your 9-5? What about adding a second source of income? How about an additional 10K if you are already up and running? If you are a passionate entrepreneur that wants to SCALE faster then this challenge is for YOU.

Entrepreneurs struggle to get traction in the DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY world because of

  • Information Overload. There’s no shortage of gurus and coaches telling you their way is the best way while pedaling weak solutions and programs.
  • Contradicting Strategies. There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there pulling you from side to side. 
  • ​Finding The Right Opportunity. It’s easy to put off your goals when you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin or what to execute.

What if you had the Agency Blueprint with everything you need to build a successful agency that can scale well beyond 10K in just 5 days? 

After those 5 days, you’ll be able to walk away with a rock-solid foundation and clear step-by-step process to SCALE your agency to 10K per month or more. . . 

The 0-10K SCALE Challenge is for Everyone!

"There were so many 'aha' moments [in the 0-10K SCALE Challenge] came down to learning how to simplify my business—I need to concentrate more on sales and customer service and stop trying to wear the fulfillment hat as well. The Clickx team showed me how to do that in those 5 days."

what is the 0 to $10k SCALE Challenge?

In just 5 days, I’ll give you the system I use to generate sales for 100s of agencies worldwide. Get clarity in selecting a profitable niche, pricing methods, selecting your agency services, developing a killer offer, generating LEADS and closing DEALS. 
Imagine realizing you don’t have to work a graveyard shift to grow a side business but can make $10K recurring months happen with just two to three clients.
Imagine laying the foundation for your agency in 5 days and having the exact plan mapped to execute. 
Imagine walking away from jobs that deplete your energy and starting your own agency on  your schedule. 
Realize, 0 to $10K is just a start. The right blueprint will give you the opportunity for a virtually uncapped income. 

LIVE 0-10K SCALE Challenge

  • Start on May 23rd, 2022 @ 10:30 AM EST
  • ​Live Training in Private FB Group
  • ​Live Engagement and Q&A
  • ​SWAG Shipped to You ASAP
  • ​Start Scaling with Other Agency Owners
  • ​Personalized Certificate of Completion
  • ​Plus MUCH more…

The Challenge is a Confidence Booster!

"The Challenge really helped me zone in on what my irresistible offer is and who I am serving."


Day 1:  Select the Best Niche So You Can Charge a High Ticket

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. On Day 1, we’ll cover:
  • How to build a SCALABLE agency by setting goals and tracking the right metrics. 
  • ​Structuring your pricing so that you can easily get to  $10K without struggling 
  • ​Niche selection best practices while avoiding the major mistakes every agency owner makes that keeps them away from scaling to 100K and more.

Day 2: Developing a Killer Offer So You Can Close a High Percentage of Deals

With hundreds of products to choose from, it’s hard to know which will serve your target market best. On Day 2, we’ll cover:
  • Defining and solving your niche’s problems
  • ​Productizing your agency services to SCALE
  • ​Creating an offer that is so good that your prospects feel stupid saying NO. 

Day 3: Generate Qualified Leads So You Can Have a Massive Pipeline

Use our sure fire strategy to truly make it rain. We provide actionable strategy to help you save time or save money. 
  • Should you run paid ads to generate leads? If yes, how to start with ADS for your agency.
  • Do cold-emailing still work? What not to do if you ever use cold-emailing as a strategy. 
  • How to generate a TRIBE on LinkedIn Organic or Facebook Organic that you never have to worry about lead generation again. 

Day 4: Control the Sales Process So You Can Confidently Close

Too many agencies struggle because of the lack of knowing how to hold a quality sales call. On Day 4, we’ll cover:
  • Having a sales system so you have confidence in driving the sales calls for highest close rates
  • Avoiding road-blocks in your sales strategy so that you can build a momentum in your agency's sales
  • Preparing for the biggest objections you will have to face when CLOSING high-ticket deals

Day 5: Tighten Up The Process So You Can Automate and Scale

Want to know how you can get to $10K, $15K, and $30K recurring months? On Day 5, we’ll cover:
  • Making your agency as scalable as Fortune 500 companies
  • ​The insanely simple process we use in our agency that scales to millions without breaking
  • Your business development plan so that you can execute on your growth plan

The Amount of Knowledge was Priceless

"Solomon delivered—actually he Over-Delivered—all of what he promised in the Challenge. I love the part with the Lead Generation and Sales Process. I would recommend this to anyone that is trying to start or scale their agency!"


5 Days of Live Training: 
0 - $10K Agency 
Scaling Blueprint


Daily Workbook— Establish Your Agency’s Foundation + Growth Strategy 

VALUE: $497

Private Facebook Group Access— Content, Discussions and Networking 

VALUE: $197

Prospecting KPI 
Tracking Sheet

VALUE: $199

Cold Emailing 

VALUE: $149

Signature T-Shirt

VALUE: $30 (U.S. Only)

Personalized Certificate of Completion




Each Bonus will require an action as explained in the Virtual & LIVE Challenges in order to earn.

Day 1 Bonus: 
Know Your Numbers

VALUE $199

How many clients will it take to reach your revenue goals? How much should you charge? We will share with you a cheat sheet on how to figure out # of clients and the perfect pricing to reach your goals. 

Day 2 Bonus:
FB Profile Cover 

VALUE $149

Book appointments through various social platforms. The FB Banner Template helps you build trust and reliability as you engage with new prospects. 

Day 3 Bonus:
Agency FB Ads 
Design & Copy

VALUE $299

Use our plug n’ play Facebook ads to attract any audience and show off your agency’s capabilities with killer copy and targeting. 

Day 4 Bonus:
Sales Position Job 


Once you’ve built the foundation, you’ll want to outsource tasks to SCALE faster. Use our job description to quickly find, interview, and hire talented sales reps. 

For Beginners in the Agency Space

"Clickx is not just a one-click show—they cover many facets. I definitely recommend this program to anybody that's at any level."

See What OUR Previous Challengers Have To Say...

#Execution & #Momentum

"Amazing training. Definitely something you want to get into if you're looking to start your own marketing agency!"

Great Return On My Investment

"My favorite part of the program was the step-by-step funnel...100% recommend this program. You are going to be investing your money very well."

Grateful for Solomon and the Clickx Team!

"The Challenge has definitely given me tons of insightful information to take and build a very scalable business."

Solomon Thimothy

By Day 5, You’ll Be Ready To:

  • Reach out to your target market with a clear understanding of their problems and desires
  • ​Offer a clear value proposition and no-brainer offers your prospects can’t say no to
  • ​Provide complete packages  that will immensely benefit your niche
  • ​Discuss in detail the benefits and ROI of your solution
  • ​Grow your agency and outsource fulfillment so you’re not working around the clock

Our Guarantee

You’ll walk away with everything you need to get your agency to 10K a month.
You know the opportunity is waiting for you.
Those that refused to put it off are living out their entrepreneurial dream now. 
 So what are you waiting for? 

Take the Challenge and Make $10K Your Reality 


I Can Implement Right Away!

"The Challenge gave me a lot of clarity and direction in my business. The program was very action-focused.—gives you plenty of stuff that you can take and implement and run with from the get-go."

frequently asked questions

 When is the start date? 

The LIVE 0-10K SCALE Challenge date is on May 23rd 2022 @ 10.30 AM EST.

 Where will the LIVE training be held?

0-10K SCALE Challenge will be held inside a private Facebook group that you’ll gain access to upon registration. 

 What time will the LIVE training be held?

Our Challenge begins at 10:30 AM EST during the 5 days.

 What does it cost to join? 

The cost varies depending on how early you buy your seat. So, don't wait, purchase it today!

 If I miss a day, can I watch the recording at a later date?

Yes, you can rewatch the videos in the Facebook Group (which will close just before the next month's Challenge). You can also opt-in to get lifetime access to the recordings.

 Who is the 5-Day Challenge for?  

0-10K SCALE Challenge is for anyone who’s been struggling to get their agency to the $10k/mo benchmark.  

 Do I need agency experience to join?

Absolutely not! If you’re just looking to start a digital agency the 0-10K SCALE Challenge is the perfect place to start! 

 How can my partner join?

They can participate in the Challenge but they will have to purchase their own LIVE or Virtual Plan in order to join our private Facebook group and receive their own T-shirt.

 How will the training be different than other agency programs?

Solomon Thimothy is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a multi-million dollar digital marketing company based in Chicago. Over the span of 15 years, he’s coached and mentored hundreds of digital marketing entrepreneurs to overcome common agency hurdles and putting systems in place that allow agency owners to scale their business.

The Blueprint is the exact framework we’ve developed for our agency partners and has proven to be effective time and time again, scaling agencies to $10k, $30k, $50k and beyond.

You’ll receive a fillable PDF to follow along and complete as you map out the blueprint for your agency. In those 5 days, you should have every piece of your agency formalized and ready to execute for sales.

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